May 16, 2021
Did you know?

• Internet penetration among adults in the U.S. has hit an all-time high, nearly 75 Percent. Online news is a more regular part of the daily news diet than is the local newspaper. 50 million Americans get news online in a typical day.[1]

• All age segments report spending more time today on the Internet versus a year ago. [2]

• Online ad spending is up 22 percent over the past year. Online audio advertising “will be a principal driver of advertising growth”. [3]

• “Increasing amounts of revenue and focus should be on the online properties”. [4]

• Radio Web visitors are well-educated, upper income, white collar workers as well as younger people. [5]

• 53 percent of broadband users get news on a typical day from radio, 43 percent from the local newspaper. [6]

• Radio listeners are more inclined than television viewers to visit the Internet and buy on the Internet. [7]

• Awareness of podcasting is up significantly. 52 percent of this audience is under the age of 35. [8]

• InlandNewsToday (INT) has been recognized as a Best News and Information website in competition with newspapers and radio and television stations in a 4-county region of Southern California for three years in a row. [9]


With affiliate radio stations throughout the nation’s 24th largest market and one of the fastest-growing, INT and Inland Empire News Radio offer the best of both worlds. We reach thousands of new and repeat visitors and listeners every week.

Rates for a combination online and drivetime radio campaign start at $600/month and are adjusted according to placement, length and duration. Online and radio are available separately.

Please contact Jim Ness, General Manager, at 951 369-3900, in Riverside, California or to develop an ad campaign that fits your specific needs. It will be the most cost-effective you can buy.

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