May 30, 2023
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Bernstein With a Twist
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Shirley Boutin has certainly been around the block.

“I’m 86 years old,” she e-mailed, “and have bought several houses over the years.”

Which, in my book, qualifies the Riversider to pose a couple of questions: “Please tell me who is insane?” And, “Who cut this caper?”

Shirley had just read our story about the century old California bungalow that has been moved to spacious Magnolia Avenue, on a corner formerly occupied by the mom ‘n’ pop known as the Kawa Market.

This city-owned house will be fixed and sold to a moderate-income family. Should be ready by May.

What’s so insane about that? Wait till you hear the numbers.

Some neighbors loved the Kawa Market. Others thought it was a magnet for unsavory characters. Two years ago, the city bought the market and house behind it for $653K, then spent $61,500 for demolition and fees.

Just recently, the city agreed to pay a contractor at least $385,000 and no more than $443,00 to fix the bungalow.

Riverside will spend at least $1.1 million to get one house ready for sale.
Episode Date: March 6, 2009
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