April 1, 2023
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
A weekly program focusing on the arts and entertainment
Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky says it is pretty evident now. This is the season of the neck, Human necks, that is, and most of them seem to be targets for vampires.

He cites the HBO series, "True Blood," as an example, noting that the show has overcame a weak start to become a surprising success and is now entering its second season on the cable network.

Sokolsky says, the series has come back in some fascinating ways with its story of a vampire invasion of a small Louisiana town.

The result, he adds, has given HBO its most successful series since "The Sopranos." Sokolsky credits producer/creator Alan Ball and performers Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin for that situation.

He also praises a talented cast for its ability to make the vampire characters so real they could resemble anyone, even a few people he has known over the years.
Episode Date: June 19, 2009
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