July 13, 2024
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
A weekly program focusing on the arts and entertainment
Are you already tired of the new TV season with its dedication to nothing more than the same old, same old?

Well, Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky has a suggestion that should pep things up. It's a proposed news series tentatively titled "Who Is America's Next Great Apologist?" And if you don't like that name, try "The Sorriest American."

Sokolsky says the idea is to gather a group of contestants and challenge them to see who can best apologize for recent actions.

Among the leading competitors would be Kanye West, Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and Mike Duvall.

A program host is yet to be selected, but Sokolsky says he is leaning toward Billy Crystal or Larry David. Other nominations, he adds, would be welcomed.
Episode Date: September 18, 2009
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