July 13, 2024
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
A weekly program focusing on the arts and entertainment
Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky says he is not being a holiday Scrooge. He is just concerned about the way the poor old guy is being treated these days.

Especially in Disney's 3-D version of "A Christmas Carol."

Sokolsky says he has not fault to find with the film. However, he notes, Dickens created this story for his own time and place, 1843 London. And now it is getting a full huge screen treatment with all the accompanying bells and whistles that are not needed for this classic..

And he begins to wonder where all this updating will end and worries about computer nerds hacking into Santa to change his naughty and nice list.

However, Sokolsky advises ignoring all this and to just try to remember a "White Christmas" just like ones we used to know.
Episode Date: December 11, 2009
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