March 22, 2023
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
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The magic word is prequel although Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky doubts that it is really that mystical.

Instead, he declares, it is merely a way of resurrecting something that was once successful but has now run its course. So enterprising producers turn to new ways to revive old charm.

One of their ways is a prequel, a story old heroes in younger days and what they went through to become heroic. Sokolsky cites such examples as "Smallville," a series dealing with Superman and how he adapted to being super and "Enterprise," the tales of a star ship that blazed the trail for Kirk, Picard and their friends.

And coming later this year is SyFi's "Caprica.." It deals with "Battlestar Galactic," a series that wouldn’t die and kept coming back until it was successful. It is set 50 years before the "Galactica" events.

Sokolsky says "many eyes will be focused on this one" with many producers already "wondering what hero could be next to spring forward with a potentially exciting past."

Episode Date: December 18, 2009
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