July 13, 2024
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
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It’s hard to be a super hero these days. That’s according to Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky.

But what can be done about that? Almost nothing, he declares, noting that almost all the good guy gimmicks have been taken, leaving nothing inviting for anyone else “to adapt.”

Latest case in point, “The Cape,” the crime fighter who recently arrived on NBC. He’s out to nail bad boy like the villain who is trying to take over a city’s entire police force.

His once super weapon is a remarkable cape and a similarity to “Batman.” But Sokolsky says you would probably be just as correct if you thought “Robo-Cop” or “Spiderman.”

A saving point, he concedes, might be some touches of humor that have been trying to sneak into scripts, but it will take a while to establish them and he wonders whether “The Cape” will “have a while” to go that far.
Episode Date: January 14, 2011
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