July 13, 2024
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
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The announcement came earlier this month. The Nederlander Organization was stepping back and turning its marketing and subscriber operations at the Fox Performing Arts Center over to its West Coast affiliate headed by gymnast Cathy Rigby and her husband Tom McCoy.

Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky says that could eliminate a source of concern for the Fox where a $32 million renovation was launched to help establish Riverside as the areas cultural center.

But a number of things seemed to be going wrong. Play selection was questionable. Show schedules were often confusing and impractical and the damages created by an ugly recession and an inability to communicate with the public and the media added to the difficulties.

However, Sokolsky says, things now seem to be moving in a positive direction, especially since Rigby and McCoy are arriving with a good track record and a knowledge of the territory.
Episode Date: May 26, 2011
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