July 13, 2024
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And here they come again! More unfriendly creatures from outer space have invaded our poor planet once more, doing terrible things to people and landmarks.

This time they are being guided by Steven Spielberg and his Dream Works associates and they will appear in “Falling Skies,” opening June 19 on TNT.

But, Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky points out, things are really different now. Because, instead of going after those impressive targets in places like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, these creatures have zeroed in on he Boston area.

That’s right, Boston, known for he bean, the cod and the only chefs who can make good clam chowder.

Sokolsky says that isn’t enough to offset the production’s trite dialogue or familiar story line. But at times it almost works.
Episode Date: June 2, 2011
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