March 22, 2023
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
A weekly program focusing on the arts and entertainment
It didn't begin with "Thelma and Louise" but Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky says that movie got a lot of producers thinking about new "buddy films."

Only they wanted to do them with women in the principal roles.

That's led to CBS and its upcoming series "2 Broke Girls." It stars Kat Dennoger and Beth Bears as two young woman coping with a multitude of problems. And, Sokolsky wonders, if those problems will become large enough to knock this show off the air within a very short time.

However, he notes, it may be adding a pony to its cast. And cupcakes will be featured in upcoming scripts. And a good publicist may be able to do something with elements like that.
Episode Date: September 9, 2011
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