July 13, 2024
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
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Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky admits that he had “a little help” writing his review of the Fox series “Alcatraz.”

A tall gentleman wearing a white face mask sat him in a trembling chair and told him he had seen a few episodes of the series and “suggested” Sokolsky write about it. Favorably!

Sokolsky says such advice is hard to ignore, especially when they are backed by dental instruments. However, he adds, it is not too hard to say some nice things about “Alcatraz.”

The series, he points out, follows some familiar trails as it sends several of its principals back in time to pursue some murky events involving some grim characters – who could be as menacing as that tall man and his white face mask.
Episode Date: January 26, 2012
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