March 22, 2023
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Sokolsky on the Arts and Entertainment
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The shows were called anthology series. They consisted of collections of unrelated TV dramas. And, as Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky recalls, some were good and most were not.

But now there is at least one version of them being revived for a summer season that has already given us reruns, clones of the old talent hunt programs and a game show for dogs.

This outing is from NBC and it's called "Fear Itself." Sokolsky describes it as a collection of horror stories that borrow heavily from the likes of Stephen King, some of those old Universal feature films and possibly a nod back to radio and the venerable "Inner Sanctum" series.

He says several of the dramas have worthwhile elements, but most seem to be limiting themselves to two dimensions, shrill and very shrill.

However, Sokolsky adds, there may be a star or two emerging from all this. After all, he notes, it did happen at least once with one anthology series that presented an actor host who went on to a few memorable things. Some viewers may even remember him, "a young guy named Ronald Reagan."
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