March 22, 2023
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The film is the British production "Housewife, 49." And Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky believes it may remind audiences of "Mrs. Miniver," the 1942 production that won an Academy Award for Greer Garson.

Like "Mrs. Miniver," the movie deals with a British mother facing the horrifying days of World War II. But its heroine is no Greer Garson. She is played by Victoria Wood and is depicted as a dowdy housewife enduring a dull existence with her insensitive husband in a drab communty.

Written by Wood, the film shows the woman seeking a retreat in a journal where she records her deepest thoughts. But she also joins a volunteer organization that provides valuable service aiding military personnel and their families.

Sokolsky credits Wood, better known for her comic portrayals in Great Britain, with an excellent performance that sets the tone for the entire production.

He says the film is hampered by such flaws as incomplete scene transitions and insufficient character development. But he credits it with capturing a dramatic mood that will hold interest from beginning to end.
Episode Date: March 7, 2008
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