July 13, 2024
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It could be quite a year coming up for those who remember the late Coco Chanel." There are at least three films being planned that deal with the life of the famed French designer. And a stage play is also in the discussion phase.

But first there is "Coco Chanel," the Lifetime cable network special coming up Sept. 13. It stars Shirley MacLaine.

However, Arts and Entertainment Editor Bob Sokolsky says the real lead player is actress Barbara Bobulova. She plays the young Coco Chanel with MacLaine appearing in a few later scenes as the older version of the designer.

Sokolsky credits the Lifetime production with a few good moments, but only a few. He blames that situation on some questionable film editing and a trite script that might seem so familiar viewers could be reciting many of the lines before the actors speak them.

And, he adds, considering that Chanel was noted for a tongue as sharp as her scissors, he wonders what she would have said about this production.
Episode Date: August 29, 2008
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