July 13, 2024
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Arts and entertainment editor Bob Sokolsky says he promised he would not reveal any secrets about the Sept. 22 season premiere of "CSI: Miami."

However, he hints series fans need not worry. In spite of the way things looked last May, Horatio Caine is still alive and it looks as if CBS may hang him from a few more cliffs over the next several months.

Sokolsky looks back on the career of David Caruso who portrays Horatio, noting that the series has provided a strong comeback for the actor. Seemingly out of the spotlight after leaving "NYPD Blue," Caruso has turned things around after struggling through some bad movies and a TV series that faded away quickly.

"CSI," on the other hand, has held up although Sokolsky says there are some warning signs. Basically, he believes, it is displaying a problem that has faced many a detective (and medical) series: its writers have gone so overboard in creating personal problems for the principal characters that they would seem to have little time to catch the bad guys and cure the sick.

But at this point, he adds, "the series overall quality has been able to offset these growing weaknesses."
Episode Date: September 5, 2008
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