October 20, 2021
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Bernstein With a Twist
This is a weekly program with commentary on current issues.
Back in April, Assemblyman John J. Benoit grimly pledged “to ask some tough questions that are going to put some people on the spot.”

The Inland Republican even warned he would “hold people accountable.”

As a breed, California legislators are known to do absolutely nothing unless doing nothing could be more politically harmful than doing something.

Back in April, up to his bumper stickers in a nasty primary, Assemblyman Benoit concluded he had to at least say something. Otherwise, voters might not give him two more years of doing nothing.

So he called for a legislative hearing about delays and cost overruns on the massive interchange known as the Riverside Squeeze!

Then, in June, Assemblyman Benoit won his primary. And resumed doing nothing.
Episode Date: September 19, 2008
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