September 17, 2021
COVID-19 morphs into pandemic of the unvaccinated
INLAND EMPIRE – (INT) - In San Bernardino County, confirmed coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are on the rise. If the State’s color tier system that was discontinued in June was still in effect, the region would now be in the Red Tier, with capacity restrictions on businesses.

Nationwide, the Delta variant of COVID-19 now makes up 83% of sequenced samples, which is up from 50% for the week of July 3rd. But with nearly 50% of San Bernardino County residents fully vaccinated, the development in the county has been slower. The Delta variant accounts for 9.0% of the rising cases (up from 5.1% on July 14th); although this number only reflects testing at County sites.

“While we are nowhere near the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths we saw pre-vaccine, it is still concerning to see patients once again coming into our ICU units with COVID-19,” said County Public Health Officer Dr. Michael Sequeira. “If you are still unvaccinated, you are playing Russian roulette with your health. Most will get through a COVID-19 infection unscathed, he said, but “There will be others that will have severe reactions, and some will die.”
Story Date: July 30, 2021
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