October 20, 2021
‘Stop Data’: Who’s getting stopped the most?
SAN FRANCISCO – (INT) - Across California and the nation, the push for greater accountability and transparency in policing is gaining momentum.

An analysis of “stop data’ by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) found that Latinos, the largest race/ethnic group in the state, are less likely to be stopped for reasonable suspicion than Black or white individuals. However, Latinos are more likely than others to be stopped for a traffic violation.

Latinos do not appear to be either over or underrepresented in police stops. In California, Latinos represent about 39% of the population and make up about 39% of stops made by both CHP and local law enforcement agencies. Similarly, whites make up 36% of the state’s population and 37% of stops made by CHP. However, whites make up only about 27% of stops by local law enforcement. By contrast, Black people experience far more stops relative to their population share. At just 6% of the state population, Black Californians make up 10% of CHP stops and 23% of local law enforcement stops.

Among CHP stops, the PPIC little variation: 99% of stops for Latino, Black, and white Californians are for traffic violations. But the story with local law enforcement agencies is very different. Here we find that higher shares of Latinos are stopped for traffic violations (71%) than Black (61%) or white (64%) people. Conversely, a lower share of Latinos are stopped for reasonable suspicion (23%) than Black (32%) or white (29%) people.
Story Date: September 29, 2021
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