October 20, 2021
Zillow: Households with the highest rent burdens
INLAND EMPIRE (INT) Black households are spending the largest percentage of their income on rent and whites the least.

An analysis of rent burdens in the Riverside area by Zillow found blacks will spend 39.8% of their income for a roof over their heads. That compares to 36.4% for Asians, 36.1% for Hispanics and 34.2% for white households.
Rent affordability for all renters in the local metro area is 34.6% compared to 32.2% in 2019 -- a reflection of changing incomes.

Typical rents are $2,393 as of August, up 20.6% year over.

Across all races and markets analyzed by Zillow, Black renters in San Diego have the highest burdens, spending 52.6% of their income on rent.
Story Date: October 19, 2021
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