July 13, 2024
Re-districting looms large in the nation�s largest county
SAN BERNARDINO - (INT) - The Board of Supervisors meets Tuesday Nov. 9th to discuss redistricting maps and the future of the County�s five Board of Supervisors districts.

Every 10 years, the County uses the latest U.S. Census data to redraw the boundaries of each of the districts to ensure each has essentially the same number of residents, preserves communities of interest such as cities as much as possible, and complies with the Voting Rights Act.

Residents can create their own map proposals using the County�s Maptitude online map-making tool. The tool, along with everything else residents need to know about the Board of Supervisors redistricting, can be found on the County�s redistricting website.

Tuesday's special Board of Supervisors meeting will begin at 10 a.m. at the County Government Center, 385 N. Arrowhead Avenue in San Bernardino. It will be live-streamed from the County�s redistricting website, sbcountyredistricting.com.
Story Date: December 22, 2021
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