December 3, 2021
Study ranks California highways
SOUTHLAND – (INT) - California’s highway system ranks 45th in the nation in overall cost-effectiveness and condition, according to the Annual Highway Report published Thursday by Reason Foundation.

This is a two-spot worsening, from California’s ranking of 43rd overall in the previous report, in part because California is now 25th or worse in all of the Annual Highway Report’s 13 categories.

In safety and performance categories, California’s highways rank 49th in urban arterial pavement condition, 44th in urban Interstate pavement condition, 43rd in traffic congestion, 40th in rural Interstate pavement condition, 25th in overall highway fatality rate, and 25th in structurally deficient bridges.

California’s state-controlled highway mileage makes it the 9th largest highway system in the country. The state’s drivers waste 14.75 hours a year in traffic congestion.

On spending, California spends $206,924 per state-controlled mile of highway, which ranks 44th in total spending per mile (meaning six states, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida, spend more per mile of state-controlled highway).

In the overall performance rankings, California ranks behind comparable states like Texas (ranks 16th overall) and Florida (41st) but is ahead of New York (ranks 46th) and New Jersey (last overall, 50th). Compared to nearby states, California’s overall highway performance is worse than Nevada (ranks 20th overall), Oregon (25th), and Arizona (29th).
Story Date: November 18, 2021
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