January 27, 2022
San Bernardino seeks code enforcement officers
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) – San Bernardino is getting two black eyes with the opening of 2022.

The personal-finance website WalletHub finds it’s one of the worst cities in the nation for jobs and for keeping New Year’s resolutions.

WalletHub used 31 key metrics ranging from job opportunities to employment growth to monthly average starting salary when it placed San Bernardino 175th on its list of worst cities for jobs.

On a related note, the city is advertising for Code Enforcement officers with pay of $4,000-$6,000 month.

San Bernardino came next to last among residents making a realistic budget, sticking to it and looking for a better job. WalletHub examined exercise opportunities, income growth and employment outlook among 57 key metrics.

Among the top five cities where residents best kept their New Year’s resolutions were San Francisco and San Diego.

Among the top 10 best cities for jobs were San Francisco, Irvine, San Diego and Fremont.
Story Date: January 20, 2022
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