August 13, 2022
Trial courts going dark because of surging coronavirus
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Riverside County Superior Courts are joining others in Los Angeles County temporarily suspending all civil and criminal jury trials because of the latest coronavirus surge.

The suspension through January 28th does not affect jury trials already in progress in Riverside County.

The order also limits public access to courtroom.

An order issued Wednesday stated the omicron variant “would unduly endanger court personnel, litigants, attorneys, jurors, and the public and threaten the ongoing performance of essential court functions and operations.”

The current rate of positive COVID-19 cases in Riverside County has risen to 26.9% which is more than double the previous 7-day period and exceeds the state average of 20.4%.

In a related move, Governor Newsom has extended to March 31st the timeframe that state bodies are permitted to hold public meetings via teleconference.
Story Date: January 26, 2022
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