December 3, 2021
Windstorm subsides, Inland Empire tidies up
INLAND EMPIRE (INT) Southern California Edison (SCE) has pronounced its distribution network in good shape following Thanksgiving Day outages that left tens of thousands of customers powerless.

At one point Thursday afternoon, 39,000 customers across Riverside and San Bernardino counties were relying on candles and battery-powered devices at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

SCE said its PSPS power shutdowns are only one component of a Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

The utility is going ahead with the installation of new high-definition cameras, weather stations and miles of insulated power lines. Enhanced overhead inspections, vegetation management and emergency response protocols are being carried out after and before Santa Ana windstorms.

Peak winds Thanksgiving Day exceeded hurricane strength in areas below the San Bernardino Mountains. Gusts at Arrowhead Springs above San Bernardino hit 83 miles an hour.
Story Date: November 28, 2021
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