December 3, 2021
Enjoy this gluttonous season without holiday heartburn
Many are splurging this Thanksgiving, enjoying their annual feasts. However, overeating can turn a thankful time into one to forget.

Prevea Health Family Medicine Dr. Berkin Ulgen said its important people pace yourself

The sensation of fullness can lag behind how much were eating, he said. So, again, just taking a break, maybe going for a quick or doing something fun for a little bit and then coming back to it if youre still hungry, absolutely.

Ulgen said avoiding an upset stomach requires more than taking breaks from eating.

People also have to diversify what goes into their body.

A lot of times well talk about using the plate method, he said. So kind of have your carbs being about 25 percent, your vegetables being a good 50 percent if you can and then your proteins another 25 percent.

He added people should load up on vegetables early because they are high in fiber.

Another thing people want to avoid is GERD, which is similar to acid reflux.

If we eat a lot that can sort of cause some reflex for some people, Ulgen said. So making sure, if you have a big meal, waiting a couple of hours, two or three hours, before you go to bed can be helpful.

He also said people should avoid mixing coffee and alcohol.

While eating too much may only cause discomfort for most people, Ulgen said each year some end up hospitalized with very serious ailments.
Story Date: November 28, 2021
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