January 27, 2022
California’s proposed Extreme Heat Action Plan
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – Public input is being encouraged on a draft plan to help Californians cope with extreme summer heat stemming from climate change.

The California Natural Resources Agency warns that “every corner of the state will be impacted in years and decades to come by higher average temperatures and more frequent and severe heat waves.” The scenario will threaten public health and safety, economic prosperity, and communities and natural systems, “with profoundly disproportionate consequences for the most vulnerable Californians.”

Highlights of the 8-point plan:
• Implementing a statewide public health monitoring system to identify heat illness events early, monitor trends, and track illnesses and deaths.
• Cooling schools in heat-vulnerable communities and support for climate-smart planning.
• Accelerating heat readiness and protection of low-income households and expanding tree canopy in communities most impacted by extreme heat.
• Protecting vulnerable populations through increased heat risk-reduction strategies and codes, standards, and regulations.
• Building a climate-smart workforce through training partnerships and apprenticeships in jobs and careers that address extreme heat.
• Increasing public awareness to reduce risks posed by extreme heat.
• Supporting local and regional extreme heat action.
• Protecting natural systems, including fish and wildlife, from the impacts of extreme heat.

A public comment workshop has been set for January 24th.
Details are at https://resources.ca.gov/Initiatives/Building-Climate-Resilience/2021-State-Adaptation-Strategy-Update.
Story Date: January 25, 2022
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