January 27, 2022
Newsom’s plan to help balance a huge budget surplus
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – Governor Newsom has unveiled his proposed 2022-23 state budget which has been dubbed the ‘California Blueprint’.

The plan proposes spending billions more to support the state’s response to COVID-19, efforts to fight climate change – including worsening wildfires and drought, tackle persistent inequality and homelessness and keeping California streets safe.

Five focus areas:

Fighting Covid-19 with Science

Governor Newsom’s plan will continue to protect Californians by fighting COVID with science, with a focus on keeping our schools open and the economy moving. The Blueprint includes an additional $2.7 billion to ramp up vaccines, boosters, statewide testing, and increase medical personnel to meet potential surges.

Combating the Climate Crisis

• Fighting Wildfires: The Blueprint would provide $648 million to support firefighters, and more helicopters and dozers, along with an additional $1.2 billion – building on last year’s $1.5 billion investment – to step-up forest management and other practices that save lives.

• Tackling the Drought: The Blueprint makes an additional $750 million investment for immediate drought response to aid residents, farmers, and wildlife as California continues to grapple with a historic drought.

• Forging an Oil-Free Future: The plan would decrease California’s reliance on fossil fuels while preparing the economy and workforce for a clean energy future by investing billions in climate tech research & development, clean cars, preparing Californians for career opportunities, and further readying our infrastructure to withstand extreme weather.

Confronting Homelessnes

The Blueprint could ensure vulnerable people have the necessary help to get off the streets and get the mental health treatment they need. The plan adds $2 billion for mental health housing and services and clearing encampments.

Tackling the Cost of Living

Governor Newsom’s plan seeks to bring down the costs of everyday expenses. The Governor’s Blueprint would:

• Create Universal Access to Healthcare Coverage
• Confront the cost of child care and education
• Building More Housing through $2 billion. The Blueprint would create more housing with $2 billion in new grants and tax credits.
• Growing Small Businesses

Keeping Our Streets Safe

• Bolster law enforcement and local response to stop and apprehend criminals, including $255 million in grants to local law enforcement and creating a new Smash and Grab Enforcement Unit to combat organized retail crime
• More prosecutors to hold perpetrators accountable
• Getting guns and drugs off our streets through a new statewide gun buyback program and intercepting drugs at the border.

Newsom’s budget projections anticipate a $45.7 billion surplus and a $213.1 billion general fund.
Story Date: January 20, 2022
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