August 13, 2022
Study: Here’s how California ranks on the fairness of the mid-term elections
WASHINGTON – Will the 2022 mid-term elections be free and fair?

It depends on where you live according to a just-released nationwide study that grades the states on voter access, voter registration, early and safe voting, election administration and related issues.

If you live in California, you should have a high level of confidence. The Golden State along with Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington, plus the District of Columbia received the highest marks.

The study entitled Storming State Capitols, was produced by the Democracy Initiative Education Fund (DIEF).

California ranks fourth out of 51 jurisdictions, including all 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to the DIEF report.

Bringing up the very bottom of the state rankings are Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri.
Story Date: June 5, 2022
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