August 13, 2022
How long will it take to repair Highway 18 ‘slipout’?
CRESTLINE – (INT) – Caltrans is preparing an emergency repair order after a ‘slipout’ undermined a section of Highway 18.

Geology engineers are evaluating the extent of the erosion and what it will take to repair it.

Until then, Highway 18 is closed in both directions between Lake Gregory Drive and Pine Avenue.

Automobiles and pickup trucks are using Highway 189 through Twin Peaks as a detour. But, oversized vehicles, semi-trucks, buses and RV’s can only use Route 330.

A Caltrans maintenance crew discovered the eroding upbound lane while working last Friday, April 22nd, near Red Rock Wall.

Caltrans says it will take several weeks to months to make repairs and fully reopen Highway 18.

Story Date: June 3, 2022
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