August 13, 2022
Is masking becoming a personal choice?
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Going maskless is becoming more evident as more people battle COVID fatigue.

California is recording about 5,600 new coronavirus cases a day. Medical authorities agree the pandemic is not over.

Epidemiologist Brandon Brown at the School of Medicine at UC Riverside recommends wearing a mask when around others outside your household. “Masks prevent more than COVID, and the next COVID surge could be around the corner,” he says.

Consider the highly transmissible variants, limited space in public transportation and in restaurants where everyone is sitting close to others, making transmission more likely.
“I think everyone must determine their personal level of safety and risk and what that means”, he said.

Brown stressed the pandemic is not over yet, infections continue, and current surges elsewhere in the world point to a high likelihood of another surge in the United States.
Story Date: May 18, 2022
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