August 13, 2022
Ukraine war: 8 million internally displaced in need of financial support
More than 8 million people are internally displaced in Ukraine, according to the latest report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Financial support was identified as an "overwhelming need" among those internally displaced, a recent IOM survey shows. Shelter was identified as another need. Nearly 30 percent of those surveyed said their homes were damaged or destroyed amid the invasion.

''The needs of those internally displaced and all affected by the war in Ukraine are growing by the hour," IOM Director General António Vitorino said. "Access to populations in need of aid remains a challenge amid active hostilities, but our teams are committed to continue delivering urgent assistance inside Ukraine and in neighboring countries."

Ukraine prepares to mobilize one million people

Ukraine is bolstering its defense capabilities as it seeks to mobilize some one million people against Russia, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said Friday.

"We are focusing on the need to provide for one million people who will be facing the enemy," Reznikov said.

Ukrainian soldiers have been training in recent weeks on various systems and equipment and will return to Ukraine to train fellow fighters. Reznikov said more than 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers are "already training or will start mastering the equipment of our partners in the coming days."

The United States began training Ukrainian armed forces in Germany and other locations in Europe, the Pentagon said April 29. The training includes howitzers, radar systems and armored vehicles announced in recent U.S. security assistance packages.

Reznikov said the manufacturers who provide gear such as body armor, helmets and uniforms to Ukraine are "loaded with orders by the end of the year." Ukraine is now seeking defense materials internationally.

"For example, the Ministry of Defense found a consignment of bulletproof vests in Turkey, which was paid for by the Government of Japan to help our country," Reznikov said. "We are already talking to our partners not only about imports, but also about repairing our equipment and building joint production chains. We are investing in modern Ukrainian weapons. We are rebuilding all processes to increase our capabilities."

He said ensuring a consistent and stable supply is the main priority, as the war stretches into its 79th day.

"Extremely tough weeks are ahead," he added. "No one can say for sure how many of them there will be."

Latest developments:

► As the war in Ukraine continues, counterattacks from Ukrainian forces are pushing Russia back in Kharkiv.

► Russia suffered significant losses when Ukraine forces stopped an attempt to cross a river in the east, according to U.K. intelligence.

► Ukraine began its first war crimes trial against a Russian solider Friday. The young solider is accused of shooting and killing an unarmed civilians in the Sumy region.

► Sweden has joined Finland in announcing support for joining NATO. Russian threatened to take "retaliatory steps" if the Nordic countries become members of the western military alliance. (Source: Newsweek)
Story Date: May 14, 2022
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