August 13, 2022
Primary election: Newsom looks to November with little worry
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – After surviving a recall vote last year with the greatest of ease, Governor Newsom appears to be cruising toward November with another 4-year term in sight.

Newsom easily outpolled his opponents in Tuesday’s Primary setting up a fall contest against State Sen. Brian Dahle, the latest Republican to attempt to reverse years of Democratic domination.

Unofficial primary results show that Newsom and Dahle earned more votes than any of the other 24 candidates for governor in Tuesday’s election.

Newsom garnered 52% of the vote in Riverside County and 54% in San Bernardino County.

Political winds may still favor Republicans, but California remains a liberal stronghold where Democrats outnumber Republican voters 2-1.
Story Date: June 12, 2022
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