August 13, 2022
Constitutional amendment on abortion rights heads to California voters
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – The US Supreme Court may have had its ‘say’ on abortion rights. But, California voters will weigh in on their preferences.

The State Assembly passed a bill Monday giving California voters an opportunity to amend the state’s constitution at the ballot box. In November, they will decide whether women will have the right to an abortion.

Governor Newsom also signed an executive order to further protect woman coming to California from other states. “It ensures that the state will not hand over patients who come here to receive care and will not extradite doctors who provide care to out-of-state patients here. In California, women will remain protected,” Newsom said.

The order prevents any information, including medical records and patient data, from being shared by state agencies or departments in response to inquiries or investigations brought by other states or individuals within those states looking to restrict access.
Story Date: August 3, 2022
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