August 13, 2022
California could lead U.S. out of ocean plastic pollution crisis
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – California could take a leadership role toward ending the ocean plastics crisis.

A bill signed by Governor Newsom Thursday is seen as the strongest plastics legislation ever in the US.

• Requires a 25% reduction in single-use plastic packaging and foodware by weight and item count by 2032;

• Mandates that nearly half of that reduction result from the direct elimination of plastic packaging or switching to reuse and refill systems rather than simply replacing it with alternative single-use materials (Ocean Conservancy scientists have estimated that this provision alone would directly eliminate 23 million tons of single-use plastic packaging and foodware over the next ten years)

• Requires that all single-use packaging and foodware, including non-plastic items, be recyclable or compostable within the state of California by 2032 and mandates a 65% recycling rate for plastics by that time; and

• Provides hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to support communities and restore ecosystems most impacted by plastic pollution.

Dr. Anja Brandon, Plastics Policy Analyst at the Ocean Conservancy, said the bill is a huge win for our oceans. “The United States is the number-one generator of plastic waste in the world and a top contributor to the ocean plastics crisis. We can’t solve this problem without U.S. leadership,” she said.
Story Date: August 12, 2022
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