August 13, 2022
Drought being made worse by climate change, water managers told
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Most Californians are heeding the call to reduce water consumption. But as the drought wears on, officials are seeking a long-term approach to manage California’s water resources.

A group of water managers meeting in Riverside Monday (August 1st) agreed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find new ways to meet future goals for conservation.

The issue is especially critical because Riverside County is only about 50 percent built-out and is the fastest-growing county in the state, local leaders said. That potential for additional growth in the face of drought will require additional measures, such as the reduction of non-functioning turf, i.e., grass that only gets walked on when it is being mowed.

Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency, said water managers are offering the highest rebates in the state for turf removal while also emphasizing the need to continue watering the trees that cool our landscape.

Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson called for “collaboration and education to save our water together.”
Story Date: August 7, 2022
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