August 13, 2022
Gas price plunge, but still the nation’s most expensive
SOUTHLAND – (INT) – Although average gasoline pump prices haven’t slipped below the 5-dollar-a-gallon mark, motorists are smiling over the biggest one-month decline in a decade.

In Riverside, the average price is $5.45, which is 75 cents lower than last month but still $1.15 higher than a year ago. Statewide, the current average is $5.54 and nationwide $4.14.

The last time gas prices dropped so steeply in a one-month period was in late 2012 after the state resolved a summer-blend gasoline supply crisis by allowing stations to begin selling winter blend a few weeks early, according to the Automobile Club.

Some Southern California gasoline stations are advertising under $5 a gallon.
Story Date: August 11, 2022
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