September 24, 2022
Mountain residents heap praise on firefighters
BIG BEAR – (INT) – There is still some open line on the western flank of the Radford Fire. But containment was up to 87% at last report.

Just over 200 fire personnel are closing in on the last hotspots of the 1,079 acre brush and timber fire. It was possibly caused by lightning.

Property damage was kept to a minimum.

Residents have praised efforts of firefighters with community-wide generosity and hospitality. Many secured lodging at local hotels, motels, and private home rentals to accommodate over 700 firefighters. The community showed an outpouring of support with donations. Signs posted around Moonridge thanked the firefighters.

In storm-ravaged Forest Falls, tons of mud and debris are being removed from streets and residential yards.

In a sign that life is slowly returning to normal, the “residents only” restriction for Forest Falls has been lifted. But, an evacuation order for Prospect Dr. and Canyon Dr. remains in place.
Story Date: September 16, 2022
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