September 24, 2022
It’s autumn but feels like summer
INLAND EMPIRE - (INT) - Summer may be over according to the calendar, but Mother Nature is having her own way with the opening days of autumn.

Temperatures are on the rise and may lead to a heat wave.

Forecasters predict temperatures up to 15 degrees above average from Saturday to Tuesday. But, Southern California won’t experience the humidity that capped the last heat wave.

Saturday to Tuesday high temperatures:
Coast: 80 to 92F
Inland Empire Metro: 95 to 105F
Lower deserts: 103 to 110F
High deserts: 97 to 102F

Fire weather conditions will develop over the weekend peaking on Monday and Tuesday.

The heat should start backing down on Wednesday as a modest cooling trend sets in.
Story Date: September 23, 2022
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