November 26, 2022
California’s rain chances: Is La Nina weakening?
SOUTHLAND – (INT) – There are signs that La Nina may be losing its grip on California and the Northern Hemisphere.

The Climate Prediction Center said Thursday October 13th that while there is a 75 percent chance that La Nina will dominate this winter, chances will drop to 54 percent of a more equal balance between February and April next year.

La Nina, which is largely based on water surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, has influenced the severity of the drought gripping California.

Its counterpoint, El Nino, which has brought above-normal rain to California as in 1998, has not lent to the state’s improved rain chances for several years.

“Predicting the timing of transitions is challenging, and there continues to be uncertainty over how long La Niña may last,” the Climate Prediction Center reported.
Story Date: October 13, 2022
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