October 2, 2023
California’s plan for net zero carbon pollution
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – California is laying claim to the world’s first plan to achieve net zero carbon pollution.

The California Asir Resources Board (CARB) Wednesday set forth the policies and actions it proposes to drastically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and get to carbon neutrality by 2045 or earlier.

By 2045 California would:
• Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 85% below 1990 levels
• 71% reduction in smog-forming air pollution
• Reduce fossil fuel consumption (liquid petroleum) to less than one-tenth of what we use today – a 94% reduction in demand.
• Create 4 million new jobs.
• Save Californians $200 billion in health costs due to pollution in 2045

“This plan delivers a massive reduction of climate-warming pollution, cutting it down to a fraction of what it is today. And by rapidly shifting away from all fossil fuels and then reaching carbon neutrality, the plan delivers public health benefits to everyone in California, most importantly to the communities suffering from persistent air pollution,” said CARB Chair Liane Randolph.

Finalizing the plan is by any measure a major milestone, but if adopted, it will only be the first step, CARB contends.
Story Date: November 28, 2022
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