November 26, 2022
Climate Prediction Center offers winter outlook
SOUTHLAND – (INT) – The Climate Prediction Center’s latest outlook shows a third consecutive dry winter for Southern California.

There also will be long breaks in precipitation (dry periods) and below average cold snaps.

Drought conditions are not expected to improve and the fire weather danger could return as early as late winter, and early spring or never decrease entirely.

This is the third straight year of La Nina conditions stemming from colder than average sea surface temperatures along the equatorial Pacific Ocean. A similar situation occurred from 1998-2001. This is the result of changes in the jet stream patterns, which is the storm track for precipitation in California.

During La Niña years, it is common to see high variability, and therefore long stretches of dry conditions and worsening drought. But, large significant storms may occur and even flooding, the Climate Prediction Center advised.

On an average year, California gets 50 to 60% of its precipitation from atmospheric rivers. Those are also affected and reduced during La Niña.

As for temperatures, overall milder conditions are likely in Southern California.
Story Date: November 18, 2022
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