November 26, 2022
Rollins concedes, Calvert seals another victory
INLAND EMPIRE – Democrat Will Rollins conceded defeat Monday in his attempt to end Corona Republican Ken Calvert’s 30-year run in Congress.

Rollins, a former federal prosecutor, said Monday November 21st he called Calvert to offer his congratulations. “I had hoped for a different result, but I respect our democratic system and am sure that our fine election workers did their jobs honestly and responsibly, and I accept the count.”

Rollins urged Calvert to follow through on the promises he made on the campaign trail, affirming that abortion will always be legal in California and focusing on solving the crisis at the Salton Sea. He encouraged Calvert to take more opportunities to meet with the people of Riverside County’s 41st district.

Calvert claimed victory several days ago although 8-thousand ballots have yet to be counted.

Calvert prevailed 52% to 48%.
Story Date: November 22, 2022
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