November 26, 2022
'US Dishonesty Index': Californians integrity ranks high
LOS ANGELES – (INT) - Through the creation of the 'US Dishonesty Index', a new report has discovered America's biggest bluffers.

California coming 50th most dishonest. Flipping the index around would mean California would rank as the most honest state in America. The people of Wyoming came out as America’s biggest bluffers. wanted to find out if people’s location factors into telling more white lies. By researching the most dishonest states in America using Google search data on ‘tips on lying’, ‘how to bluff’, as well as divorce rates and Integrity Scores, created an index ranking the most dishonest states in America, finding some interesting stats and correlations.

According to USC psychologist Gerald Jellison, we are lied to up to 200 times per day.
Story Date: November 22, 2022
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