January 26, 2023
Where are they going? U-Haul has an answer
SOUTHLAND – (INT)- The California exodus continued in 2022, at least according to new data recently released from U-Haul.

The moving truck rental company’s annual growth index shows that more moving trucks departed from California than any other state for the third consecutive year. California has had one of the greatest net losses of U-Haul trucks since 2016, always landing in one of the lowest-growth spots.

While the state had the largest net loss of U-Haul trucks overall, several cities in the state had a net gain, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Modesto and Redding.

Most cities in Northern California experienced a loss, but there was one big exception. “There are more break-even and net-loss markets in Northern California — with the notable exception of the Sacramento-Roseville area, which remains one of the nation's top growth markets,” U-Haul spokesperson Jeff Lockridge told SFGATE in an email. “According to our local reps, much of that in-migration to the Sacramento-Roseville area is a result of transplants from the Bay Area.”

Texas is the top destination for U-Haul trucks, followed by Florida and the Carolinas. Texas and Florida were the top destination states in 2021 as well.

Illinois was the state with the second-largest loss in U-Haul trucks in 2022, the same as in 2021.
Story Date: January 9, 2023
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