May 30, 2023
Mountain residents flock to assistance centers
RUNNING SPRINGS – (INT) – Local Assistance Centers (LAC’s) are proving popular with residents in the San Bernardino Mountains as they recover from the February-March blizzard.

Residents are getting help with insurance claims, rebuilding permits, taxes, and other issues. Those include assistance for seniors, public health, tax and property resources, help for veterans, snow removal and reimbursement, advice on hiring contractors, behavioral health, help for small businesses, transitional assistance, employment assistance, legal services and general disaster aid.

Two of the centers opened over the weekend at the Charles Hoffman Elementary School in Running Springs and Valley of Enchantment Elementary School in Crestline.

The County will operate another LAC in Wrightwood with dates and a location to be announced.

Food is being distributed at each as long as supplies last.

Story Date: March 27, 2023
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