May 30, 2023
Patton State Hospital seen as a homeless option
HIGHLAND – (INT) – Patton State Hospital could become a valuable asset toward resolving the region’s homeless problem.

Highland Assemblyman James Ramos is proposing to use the hospital for housing the homeless and providing mental health services.

San Bernardino has followed Los Angeles and Long Beach in declaring an emergency in those cities. Ramos pointed out that there has been a 175 percent increase in homelessness over the past 5-years. The chronically homeless account for more than 43% of those on San Bernardino’s streets.

Ramos’ bill would allow for state surplus property at Patton to be leased to other entities. Specifically, a building at the hospital could be leased to a nonprofit corporation or local government to provide housing and mental health services to unsheltered individuals.

The Ramos bill, AB 349, was unanimously approved Wednesday March 29th by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
Story Date: April 18, 2023
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