May 30, 2023
Grand jurors and trainers sought
INLAND EMPIRE – (INT) - California is the only state in the Union whose Constitution mandates that a county grand jury be sworn in each year. Each civil grand jury’s task is to act as a watchdog of local government.

The California Grand Jurors’ Association (CGJA) is looking for potential trainers from among the jurors it trains in order to further its core mission of taking on the education of civil grand juries throughout the State. This year 12 new trainers joined the association’s faculty, bringing the total to 31.

Beginning in late June the trainers will fan out across the State in teams of three or four and to share their experience and knowledge to make each county better.

The counties are currently in the annual juror selection process. To apply to serve as a grand juror, check out the website of the Superior Court in Riverside or San Bernardino counties or any county in California.

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Story Date: May 8, 2023
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