July 13, 2024
Timeline for high-speed rail project proposed
RANCHO CUCAMONGA – (INT) - Brightline West plans to break ground on its high-speed rail project across the San Bernardino County desert by the end of the year.

Brightline CEO Mike Reininger told a high-speed rail conference in Washington D.C. that the goal is to complete the project between Rancho Cucamonga and Las Vegas by the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA Today reported.

The high-speed rail is estimated to cost $12 billion, 70 percent of which will come from private investment. Reininger hopes the other 30 percent will come from the federal government. Brightline West has applied for a $3.75 billion grant to fast-track the project.

A bipartisan group of California and Nevada lawmakers wrote a letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg expressing their strong support.
Story Date: June 8, 2023
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