July 13, 2024
'Ambush' shooting of L.A. county sheriff's deputy brings arrest
PALMDALE - A man barricaded himself inside a home Monday before he was forced out and arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy, authorities said.

A SWAT team surrounded the suspect's house in Palmdale, and "family members did come out" but "the suspect chose to barricade and refused to initially come out," Sheriff Robert Luna told reporters, as he described the arrest of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer's alleged killer.

After an hours-long standoff on Barrinson Street, deputies "deployed chemical agents, and the suspect ultimately surrendered," Luna added.

The sheriff credited deputies for their patience and taking the 29-year-old suspect, Kevin Salazar, alive.

"Our special enforcement bureau deputies were so professional in giving the suspect adequate time to surrender peacefully," Luna said.

"Our deputies gave this suspect an opportunity to peacefully give up. That is not the right that was afforded to our deputy three days ago out here across the street."

Salazar has been dealing with schizophrenia for years and had been on medication, his family said Monday.
Story Date: September 25, 2023
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